Saturday, July 25, 2009

Can u wear these shoes with jeans?

i have a whit tube top it looks something like this

Can u wear these shoes with jeans?
yeah that would look very cute...
Reply:Yes that whould look pretty
Reply:no- too dressy- gauzy
Reply:I odn't see why not. They are cute shoes. I'd wear them with jeans.
Reply:Yep, those will work just fine!
Reply:with accessories like this
Reply:yes, you'll look fine
Reply:Cute outfit, especially love the shoes. Find a white %26amp; silver wrap to go with. I think the shoes are a bit dressy to wear with jeans, but that is up to you.
Reply:love the shoe but i proably wouldnt wear them with jeans but it is your choice
Reply:jeans go with almost i gues those shoes will be fine
Reply:nopes it will not look good


Can you wear these shoes with jeans?

Can you wear these shoes with jeans?
Personally, I think you need to lose the shoes.
Reply:if u do i think u should wear them with the kind of jeans where u its like they stick 2 u and they don't flare out, they just sit on the top of ur shoes.
Reply:No, they are made for a fancy dress.
Reply:i say no but you can if you want your choice...
Reply:light jeans and a white top and silver belt and jewelry
Reply:Jeans go with anything!! If you've got a cute top and the right accessories....I say go for it!
Reply:if you were trying to dress up,they would be fine with a dressy top
Reply:definately...think its pretty easy to mix and match that with with right and different tops for different ur wardrobe and start matching girl...=)
Reply:No not with jeans never
Reply:i could see it
Reply:It's a free country. You can wear anything you want.
Reply:You could, I guess.... if you really had to.. but I think there are better shoes out there.... personally, I'm not a fan of these... they kind of look like prom/wedding shoes
Reply:yeah they would look great have fun..................
Reply:heck ya. that would be really cute.
Reply:the jeans should be boot-cut and you should wear some silver accessories
Reply:They're kind of too dressy for jeans, and look like formal attire shoes, so no. If you want pumps or something with a heel, try Steve Madden instead.
Reply:Yes, but either you would have to have a jacket on with normal jeans, or some very classy slacks (no design on them, pockets, maybe a small belt, you know?)
Reply:yeah i would only if the jeans are wide legs
Reply:I would say yes, if you have a dressy top on.
Reply:Yes i think so!

And maybe a cute light pink shirt or a white one!


But they cant be dark jeans

Light jeans


--more advice

--SAFE chatting!

Reply:Not unless you have a matching blouse.
Reply:if you had the right top, sure.
Reply:yeah..but it depends on what the bottom part of the jeans look like...maybe with some boot cut jeans
Reply:Maybe, if you were wearing dressy jeans and an equally dressy top, but those shoes would look better when paired with formal attire (prom dress, e. g.).
Reply:yah deffinently light 1s tho
Reply:yea.. just find the perfect top!
Reply:They seem too dressy for jeans. High heels can look great with jeans, but it would seem to me that you should try to stick with a shoe that's a little less "busy". Of course, I'm not a girl, so maybe my advice is shitt.
Reply:yea i think that'd be prettty cute! i like the shoes so show them off...cuff up the jeans so everyone can see them

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Can u wear these shoes with jeans?

i have a whit tube top it looks something like this

the bottom of the shirt is ruffled like this

Can u wear these shoes with jeans?
Absolutely. I think that if you have the right shirt you can make any shoes work with jeans. I think that looks perfectly ok. The shirt and the shoes are very cute and if you picked those two out I'm sure you're jeans are great too! Way to go.
Reply:that seems like it would be cute. go for it.
Reply:why not wear what you like
Reply:will loook goood !
Reply:If You like it.
Reply:You could wear those shoes with jeans, however they would look better with a dress or slacks.
Reply:straight or boot leg jeans..


Are these prom shoes or can i wear them for anything else?

Are these prom shoes or can i wear them for anything else?
they look like evening shoes./ regardless if you weore them to prom or not. they would look fabolous with dinner black pants or even a dress. very chic, i like them alot.
Reply:those are more of prom shoes
Reply:i think there hideous...are you thinking of wearing them with that black dress? DON'T DO IT!! SAY NO TO DRUGS!!
Reply:that looks like a wedding shoe. You could wear them for something summery...
Reply:depends on what you wear them with. You might be able to pull something off.

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Clean white shoes?

I got new white nike shox and I want to keep them clean. The sides that are leather(I think) are easy to clean. But at the top of it there is a bit of mesh-like material that i can't seem to wash.

Anyone know the best way?

Clean white shoes?
I agree with the 1st person. Thats how i've always done it. Only thing I would suggest is stuffing it with a rag while you scrub it so it will hold its shape.


Reply:try a little bleach mixed with water and scrub with a toothbrush

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How would you feel?

I have been with my boyfriend for a few years. We for the most part have a pretty strong relationship. He has kids from another relationship and so do I. We have meshed nicely and have a lot of trust and respect for eachother. I do not ask to come before his children and wouldnt put him before mine. So he is constantly leaving to do things with or for his kids and I have no problem with that. But lately his ex has been giving him a real hard time. Today she said I guess that you have a girlfriend now that you do not need us. I just do not understand. He sees his kids EVERY day. I just dont get it. Its not like I just came into the picture and am taking over. I totally respect his kids come first. What is she trying to prove? And how would you feel in my shoes? I am so confused...

How would you feel?
I wouldn't feel confused at all. It's called "Baby Momma drama" Misery loves company and you're falling into it. Stop! Let him deal with her, by you getting in the middle will on intensify the ex's power. Don't feed into it. You just maintain the positive energy you give your man, and sooner or later she get mad and give up.

Good luck!


Does this match?

this dress

with these shoes

my friend is telling me they don't becaue they both are very louch and that they on't mesh together well. Do you agree?

Does this match?
CUTE!!! yeah it totally matches. You should wear some silver jewlery- earrings,necklace,i was gunna say maybe a braclet but you shouldn't really wear braclets with a dress like that!!! %26lt;33 more silver would even the contrast out. cause right now there is a lot of red. PS that dress would also look good in blue or black (im only 11 so im really into those 2 colors) but im sure you'll look really pretty in that. PSS if you wanna go cheap on the jewlery go to to this place icing it's by the same people that made claires's but it's nicer.more for teens and adults,and not as tacky looking. good luck!hope i helped!!! :)
Reply:i think you should wear simpler shoes because the dress is already kind of busy
Reply:Yeah they match! And by the way- SO CUTE!

Where are you wearing them to? (Just wondering)
Reply:as long as you keep jewellery to a minimum they'll look fine (:
Reply:not the shoes there is just something about that it takes away from the dress you should wear something simplier
Reply:Of course they match :)

They look well together- maybe a little christmassy though, but still very nice.

Silver compliments many colors, including red.

Nice shoes :) !
Reply:yes i think they do but does it match to you that is all that matters. you feeling good in what u like

can you answer my question?;...
Reply:I don't know what your friend means by 'louch' but I think they'll go well with each other. The dress appears simple enough in its style that it won't distract from the drama of the shoes. Very nice outfit, you've got good fashion sense.